Sign Up for my Programming Camps!

This summer of 2016, Matthew Mistele is teaching two new summer camps to help you take your next step in programming.

If you or your student is in grades 4 – 8, take Video Game Programming Using Scratch: Beginner/Intermediate.

Unleash your creativity and take the next step on your coding journey! Campers will build on their prior knowledge and create one or two exciting video games in just one week! Students will learn additional coding tricks and programming concepts, and build advanced games with artificial intelligence, game physics, or multiplayer functionality. Students will be able to share projects with family and friends and continue expanding on their work at home.

If you or your student is in grades 7 – 12, take Video Game Programming in Java.

Video Game Programming – Intermediate is designed for students interested in video games and/or taking AP Computer Science in high school. This course will cover many of the basic concepts and skills students need to be familiar with for the AP Computer Science class using a creative and fun game development process. By the end of the course students will have built an 80’s style video arcade game in Java. Some prior programming knowledge is required.

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