Programming Jobs

Recently, many people have seen the PR on warthog wars, and have acted on it.
First of all, Bungie, the company that made the popular video game franchise Halo and is creating the anticipated game Destiny, saw Warthog Wars and thought it was awesome that I decided to create my game inspired by Halo. Bungie then contacted me and said they would give me a private tour of their studios, as well as make a blog post about me for all of their gamers to see.

A 4 wheeler shop in Australia saw my post on mobile apps, and gave me a job for making an app for them on the Windows Phone, IPhone, and Android, as well as revising my Logo Quiz to give his customers a discount. I have completed the windows phone version, and I am currently working on the Android version.

With a paying job, a social life, and school to juggle, life is very busy for me nowadays.


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