Epic Week – Feb 2014

What a week!

Awarded “Geek of the Week” by GeekWire!
Geek of the Week: Matthew Mistele, 14-year-old Xbox game developer

KIRO 7 News also came to my house with a camera crew and interviewed me for 90 minutes after-school this week (Feb 5, 2014) about becoming an Xbox game developer at age 14. Four different segments aired on television – 11pm News, Morning news, Noon and even during the evening news broadcast at 6:30pm.

Being on Camera was an experience like nothing before. Because I knew that I was going to be viewed by thousands of people from all over the Seattle, I was nervous, but exited. Watch the segment below!

More news stories about my launch of Warthog Wars:



Great online reviews of Warthog Wars! Amazing!
1. Outside Xbox http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TWkIKiCmlWQ (5,234 views as of 2/8)
2. Xbox indies http://www.xboxindies.com/game/warthog-wars


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