Underway: My first games

With the foundation of Alice and the knowledge about Visual Studio and Visual Basic from the textbook, I was ready to start creating my own games. My first one was a quiz, where the player had to guess logos. This was a great game to get me started because it implemented many of the things discussed in the book. It was like a final exam to see if I was ready to move on.

My first game: Logo Quiz

My first game: Logo Quiz

This game was the start of the many games to come, each introducing a new concept into my arsenal. My next game was a matching game, introducing randomizing objects and complex arrays. This game also has a database, which stored everyone’s highscores. This allowed me to have everyone access each other’s saved information, which was a big milestone for me.

Matching Game

Matching Game

Next, I made Black Jack. This had complicated logic, a database, and a dealer to play against you.



All of these first games helped me learned something new every time, and although no money was involved, I had great satisfaction creating these games.
After these, creating games became my hobby, my passion.

Play all of these games at http://matthewmistele.com


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